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Small Business Cybersecurity: Simple Steps, Big Impact

Cybersecurity might seem daunting for small businesses with limited resources, but fear not! Here are 20 actionable tips from Forbes experts, along with how Edge Aspect empowers your journey:

Boost Your Defense:

  • Block personal apps, non-business sites: Edge Aspect's endpoint protection shields your network from these threats.

  • Outsource key IT: Our managed security services handle IT security for you, freeing up your team.

  • Use password manager & MFA: Edge Aspect integrates with leading password managers and offers MFA solutions for enhanced security.

  • Embrace the cloud: We offer secure cloud solutions that minimize your workload.

  • Educate your team on phishing: We provide phishing simulations and training to build awareness.

Simplify and Automate:

  • Remove unused accounts/services: Edge Aspect's security audits identify and address vulnerabilities.

  • Keep software updated: We offer automated patching to ensure constant protection.

  • Form cybersecurity partnerships: Our community engagement fosters knowledge sharing.

  • Change passwords regularly: Edge Aspect integrates with password management tools for easy updates.

  • Explore multiple vendor options: We offer unbiased consultations to help you choose the right solution.

Build a Strong Foundation:

  • Research security/compliance tools: Edge Aspect provides security assessments and compliance guidance.

  • Tap into free government resources: We offer cybersecurity training webinars aligned with official best practices.

  • Update software/applications regularly: Our managed services include automatic updates.

  • Host cybersecurity training: We offer customizable cybersecurity training programs.

  • Establish baseline expectations: Edge Aspect helps you develop security policies and procedures.

Additional Tips:

  • Change default passwords: Our network security assessments identify and address these weaknesses.

  • Purchase cyber insurance: Edge Aspect can help you evaluate and choose the right cyber insurance.

  • Automate routine tasks: Our managed services automate security tasks, freeing up your team.

  • Build security into operations: We offer holistic security solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business.

  • Don't DIY cybersecurity: Partner with Edge Aspect for expert protection and peace of mind.

Remember, even small steps can make a big difference in your cybersecurity posture. Start implementing these tips today and let Edge Aspect be your trusted partner in safeguarding your business.

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